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THIS YEAR (2018) WILL BE THE LAST Christmas mail. Loosing peoples mails makes it too difficult to administer. Messages will be posted here.

The email contact list that I have is becoming unusable because of changes of your email address - please update by sending mail to 

I am no longer regularly updating this site. The technology I was using to produce web sites is now old and nearly redundant.

Requests for help in making contact with old boys other than

those listed can not be made.

Placing requests here for info have failed in the past.

John C Richards (Slim)

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Progress ! the places we knew are going.

The Granada Cinema THEN The space /car park NOW


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Over 55,000 hits not bad for a niche interest site !!!!!!!
The cost of running the website has been born by me and to some extent funded from the sale of CD/DVD
The DVD is continually updated with the contributions of old Cotonians and others.
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I have two tales - both about Coton food.

 The first is one I heard of, but have not had authenticated. The fried eggs at breakfast 1958/9 where so hard one could use then as shoe leather. Well it seems that things got to head and in unison - and spontaneously 100 + eggs where pinned (using drawing pins) to the wall of the OLD canteen. After which the eggs improved.

Horse Meat Pie 
    During 1962/3 the menu included a meat pie whose main constituent was Corned Beef, not to bad - but somewhere in the cooking process  things seemed to go wrong because this could be smelt from the top of the drive (about 1/2 a mile). leading to it being named "Horsemeat Pie" Again a spontaneous refusal to eat the said thing resulted in it going off the menu.

Coton Radio
"BTW has anyone ever mentioned “Coton Radio” about 1963/4 it went on the air broadcasting, using basic audio amps, through the earth and neutral of the power sockets and anyone who connected a speaker to the neutral and earth was able to receive the music and commentary, usually Rugby songs (sport Rugby not place Rugby). I think it was closed down when the warden picked it up on his TV, or someone a few villages away picked it up. Not exactly certain what the reason was but it only ran for a short while before being closed." ? That was our pirate radio and I think it predated Radio Caroline and Simon Dee in March 1964.(Bob Stewart (1963))

A number of mini  reunions take place see - Page
The Data DVD is now available
cost of DVD £3.50
DVD content = 2000 + photo files and documents!
Again  recent input has been great ! 
KEEP them coming, what a history and record of those times.
The archive has come in various forms, by e-mail, by hand and by post, if you have photographs, documents or other memorabilia, but do not have the means to digitize them feel free to send them to me, I will then scan and return - mail me - to make it complete I still need more, especially from the years - pre 1959 and post 65 especially1967/8.
Of late I have received requests for help in contacting Old Cotonians
Unless their name (both sought and seeker) appear on the list I can NOT help.


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