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It is becoming difficult to maintain this web site. A privilege for me seeing old acquaintances being rekindled and friendships re born but the ravages of time are having their effect.  From the responses I am now getting it would seem that "Cotonians"  are becoming fewer, regrettably we are a diminishing breed. If you are out there drop me a mail for old times sake!


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Over 60,000 hits not bad for a niche interest site !!!!!!!
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I have two tales - both about Coton food.

 The first is one I heard of, but have not had authenticated. The fried eggs at breakfast 1958/9 where so hard one could use then as shoe leather. Well it seems that things got to head and in unison - and spontaneously 100 + eggs where pinned (using drawing pins) to the wall of the OLD canteen. After which the eggs improved.

Horse Meat Pie 
    During 1962/3 the menu included a meat pie whose main constituent was Corned Beef, not to bad - but somewhere in the cooking process  things seemed to go wrong because this could be smelt from the top of the drive (about 1/2 a mile). leading to it being named "Horsemeat Pie" Again a spontaneous refusal to eat the said thing resulted in it going off the menu.

Coton Radio
"BTW has anyone ever mentioned “Coton Radio” about 1963/4 it went on the air broadcasting, using basic audio amps, through the earth and neutral of the power sockets and anyone who connected a speaker to the neutral and earth was able to receive the music and commentary, usually Rugby songs (sport Rugby not place Rugby). I think it was closed down when the warden picked it up on his TV, or someone a few villages away picked it up. Not exactly certain what the reason was but it only ran for a short while before being closed." ? That was our pirate radio and I think it predated Radio Caroline and Simon Dee in March 1964.(Bob Stewart (1963))

A number of mini  reunions take place see - Page
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The archive has come in various forms, by e-mail, by hand and by post, if you have photographs, documents or other memorabilia, but do not have the means to digitize them feel free to send them to me, I will then scan and return - mail me - to make it complete I still need more, especially from the years - pre 1959 and post 65 especially1967/8.
Of late I have received requests for help in contacting Old Cotonians
Unless their name (both sought and seeker) appear on the list I can NOT help.


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