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06/03/2021 - Latest news -

You may notice the website has changed. No more Lists and less content. Regretfully interest has waned so its now just basic.


I have tried to negotiate a free hosting with my providers, to no avail. 

   A number of "Old Cotonians" have offered financial support, for which I am grateful. One of my major problems is the programme I use to build sites is near redundancy, I do not have the time or inclination to learn new technologies. In view of this I will endeavour to keep it going but some features may disappear.

   The Years roll on and sadly we do not, alas as we are all getting older, and sadly some of our old friends are off to "the ultimate apprentice school". The amount of contacts made is now near zero, the web site has been a lot of fun and pleasure to me and many, but I will only continue it as a very basic site. I have opened a Facebook group " Cotonians".  If you can get in touch with your old friends , do so! and its never too late even if it has been 50 + years!! -  phone a friend!  One of the most satisfying and empowering things that has come about by involving myself in "Old Cotonians" is the rekindling of old relationships. You to, by a simple act of contacting that "Old Friend" could get the same satisfaction and delight. Don't just send that annual Christmas card - contact them, see them, meet them , life is too short, we are getting uncomfortably close to the ending our "time". 2021 now over 60 years since I started at Coton, but still I love the memories that we all share. If nothing else I'm sure we all send out the same thought to all - Health and Happiness.   

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Over 100,000 hits not bad for a niche interest site !!!!!!!

The cost of running the website has been born by me and to some extent funded from the sale of CD/DVD and donations

I have two tales - both about Coton food.

 The first is one I heard of, but have not had authenticated. The fried eggs at breakfast 1958/9 where so hard one could use then as shoe leather. Well it seems that things got to a head and in unison - and spontaneously 100 + eggs where pinned (using drawing pins) to the wall of the OLD canteen. After which the eggs improved.

Horse Meat Pie 
    During 1962/3 the menu included a meat pie whose main constituent was Corned Beef, not to bad - but somewhere in the cooking process  things seemed to go wrong because this could be smelt from the top of the drive (about 1/2 a mile). leading to it being named "Horsemeat Pie" Again a spontaneous refusal to eat the said thing resulted in it going off the menu.

Coton Radio
"BTW has anyone ever mentioned “Coton Radio” about 1963/4 it went on the air broadcasting, using basic audio amps, through the earth and neutral of the power sockets and anyone who connected a speaker to the neutral and earth was able to receive the music and commentary, usually Rugby songs (sport Rugby not place Rugby). I think it was closed down when the warden picked it up on his TV, or someone a few villages away picked it up. Not exactly certain what the reason was but it only ran for a short while before being closed." ? That was our pirate radio and I think it predated Radio Caroline and Simon Dee in March 1964.(Bob Stewart (1963))

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   Updated -  19 March, 2021